Welcome from the president

Dr. Wang, President MedChine

I am very honoured to be nominated as the new president of MedChine ASBL. I want to thank Yvonne and Guy for being great leaders, for their time, effort and support during the last 8 years. I will continue to work hard for the future development of the association in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to provide more services and help to our members. Since 1980, I have been engaged in both Western and Traditional Medicine (TM) studies, clinic work, teaching and clinical research.

My perception is that the two systems do not clash. In an ideal Western world, the TM could be an option, a choice, offered by a well-functioning, people-centred health system that balances curative services with preventive care. ”A doctor who treats a disease after it has happened is a mediocre doctor. A doctor who treats a disease before it happens is a superior doctor” this is my favourite quote from the Yellow Emperor. The key is the “preventive treatment theory”. Its benefits and specifics are more and more accepted in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

I am certain that the TM can help people to relieve common symptoms, improve their quality of life, and protect themselves against illness and diseases in a holistic, non-specialized way. All from the bottom of my heart I wish to everyone to have a healthy and happy life without illness and disease! I thank you all for your support!

Prof. Dr. Ning WANG/KING

Welcome from the vice-president

Anton Christov Vice President MedChine

It is with enormous pleasure that I accept to become a vice-president of MedChine, especially when this position was taken by a great man as Mr. Guy de Muyser who stepped down recently. We share with him the same positive feeling about the ancillary complement of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the western scientific methods. Since its creation in 2011, MedChine brought closer to me, my family, friends and connections the rich heritage of the TCM.

I was able to discover the TCM-Consulting, fire therapy, Tui Na therapy, Nutrition seminars, Soft Fasting, Three-Fu Paste Therapy (also called “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases”), Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Qi Gong, Tai Chi and the Health Trip to China. Those are few examples of the help and encouragement that MedChine brings to Europeans like me to learn more about China and its TCM. I wish that in the coming years MedChine continues to promote successfully the extraordinary methods and means of the traditional Chinese health care.

Anton Christov

Welcome from Dr. Lau Yvonne


On behalf of MedChine asbl I welcome all our members and future members. I have been working as a general practitioner and acupuncturist in Luxembourg for 23 years and have been devoting myself to the beneficial synergy of the two so different medicines. Personally I am totally convinced that two ends will always meet somewhere somehow, and anytime in the global world. This Association will be able to promote a better understanding, a better support, and a better treatment for all our patients and will always maintain a good common sense how to use these two medicines yet so old and yet so dynamic.

Dr. Lau Yvonne

Welcome from Guy de Muyser


My first memories of popular medicine go back to my childhood. In my family certain illnesses, wounds or bruises were treated with herbs or other means never mentioned by our doctors or pharmacists. These treatments were often successful, although one may suspect that only their successes were talked about, not their failures…

As a student in the US, I spent a summer working with Navajo Indians in New Mexico. I met one of their respected medicine men. He impressed me by his knowledge of health problems and by the numerous “unconventional” means he knew to treat them. I should add that he actually was obliged to treat these patients, as there were no “scientific” doctors available on the Indian reservation.

Also, during my diplomatic assignment to Russia, I remember how my Russian doctor friends just laughed when “old women cures” were talked about. And yet, given the unbelievable shortcomings of soviet health care, many patients turned to traditional “healers”. I came to know some of them personally and met a few of their patients, who assured me that they had been cured or at least greatly relieved of pain and handicap.

Of course, I do not think that in countries like Luxembourg, popular health care should ever take the place of western (i.e. scientific) medicine. But why should we not make use also of age-old experience in this field? I thus believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine can play a positive role as an ancillary complement to scientific methods. All the more, as there are many examples of western research inspired or based on time old popular knowledge or tradition, I therefore express the hope that the newly created association, “MedChine” asbl, may be able to play a positive role in counselling people who ask for advice and help through the methods and means of Chinese health care.

Guy de Muyser

Letter from Director Zhi Xiang SHEN


中华人民共和国国家 中医药管理局

It is my great pleasure to be Honorary President of MedChine.Chinese Medicine is a precious part of the Chinese culture. For thousands of years it has contributed to the prosperity and health of the Chinese population. Because of this, the Chinese government supports the continuing development of Chinese Medicine and the integration between Western and Chinese culture and medical traditions for the wellbeing of mankind.

I am confident that MedChine will unfold the mutual advantages and special features of both China and Europe. It will contribute greatly to the globalization of Chinese Medicine and the development of an international health system.

I wish MedChine a bright future!

Zhi Xiang SHEN