Nutrition – the 5 elements Cuisine

Nutrition plays an important role in TCM and belongs to one of the three Qi sources. Our western experience with diets, vitamins and calorie calculations is certainly not on this 2000 to 3000 years old level yet. Central to the Chinese cuisine is considering food as a medicine. Chinese eat  ENERGY. TCM does not think in terms of vitamins, minerals and calories as we are used to do in our Western World.

Do you want to look beyond our world of western diets, where we often run up against the limits and do not know how to continue, than you are invited to read this article and attend one of our future Health Related Seminars!

The 5-element cuisine: Western and Chinese understanding

Often we think we eat healthily but we do, without realizing, our body more harm than good. We are trying once again a diet and take vitamin and mineral supplements. We do not get the desired results or the result is of a short term. We slim down a few kilograms and then gain weight again. The well-known jo-jo effect. Or worse: we are even sick and feel disorientated! We have encountered the limits of our Western diets and we no longer know how to proceed.

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