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Hemp CBD Oil


The Hemp extract (CBD) are well known as Number 1 of Anti inflammatory, Anti-pain, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal functions in nature !

8% CBD 1, 800 mg in 10 ml / bottle
Usage:  well-being, preventive: 2 times/ day, each time: 2-3 drops

CBD chanvre thérapeutique

Effets thérapeutiques du CBD


8% CBD 1, 800 mg en bouteille 10 ml
18% CBD 2, 1800 mg en bouteille 10 ml
36% CBD 2+, 3600 mg en bouteille 10 ml

Which medical conditions can CDB be helpful for?


Fire Therapy

Did you ever hear of the Fire Therapy?

The Fire Therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment method, but also maintain your good health!
It uses the physical principles of alcohol burning producing heat, combined with special herbs oil, to stimulate acupuncture points and improving the conduction through the meridians. By activating the functions of the organs the blood is nourished and blood circulation invigorated which will dispel pathogenic body wind, dampness, cold and poison and adjusts the body's Yin and Yang Qi.

Lose Weight Project

In- Acupuncture (also called long-term acupuncture therapy -LTAT)

Why choose In- Acupuncture?

There are many weight loss methods. How can you make a healthy choice?

(1) To go on a diet, exercise with proper calorie control is a basic and important measure to treat the obesity.

Three-Fu Paste Therapy

The Brief Introduction of The Three-Fu Paste Therapy, One of “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases”

Nutrition – the 5 elements Cuisine

Nutrition plays an important role in TCM and belongs to one of the three Qi sources. Our western experience with diets, vitamins and calorie calculations is certainly not on this 2000 to 3000 years old level yet. Central to the Chinese cuisine is considering food as a medicine. Chinese eat  ENERGY. TCM does not think in terms of vitamins, minerals and calories as we are used to do in our Western World.

Tui Na

Tui Na is a therapeutic form of massage and has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. Tui Na massage therapy has been considered the external form of massage and is used for giving special treatments to people of all ages, from infancy to old age. This Chinese therapy makes use of rhythmic compression techniques along different energy channels of the body to establish harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body and bringing it back to balance. It works deeply with the positive energy of the body.


Acupuncture treatment of infertility

As a traditional Chinese medicine therapy, the treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion does have certain curative effect to infertility, especially in promoting ovulation and treatment of oviduct infertility, which is proved by many experimental studies and clinical treatments researches. Evidence-based medicine system evaluation research also confirmed the significant effects of acupuncture in vitro fertilization.

Soft Fasting

Fasting is one of the natural health therapies! By providing rest your body can recuperate and stimulate its own functions, can greatly help to achieve weight loss, promote recovery from diseases and many other health effects!

Q. Y. T. Healthy drink – 100% Natural plants

Ingredients: extracted plant fiber and plant sugar from Cordyceps, Seaweed, Mushrooms, Ginseng, Gouqi Wolf Berry, Purple sweet potato.

Cervical Spondylosis

Introduction of acupuncture and Tuina treatment of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a complicated clinical disease, which happens frequently. Nowadays, with the speeding up of the paces of life, cervical spondylosis has a tendency for happens in younger people. Acupuncture treatment of this disease has achieved good effect.


Acupuncture Treatment of Insomnia

Food Therapy

We all know that food therapy is much better & safe than drug treatment!

Most of health problem is related with your diet and some of them can be healed just simply regulated the food and change the constitution.

According to the local climate, diet, common health problems, our TCM experts composite the Food Therapy Formulas: strengthen Qi, eliminate dampness & phlegm, nourishing spleen & stomach, detoxification, natural calcium, food aspirin, ideal food for pregnant women …


Acupuncture and moxibustion treatment of asthma

Asthma is a serious respiratory disease which threat to human health. Research data shows that the incidence and mortality trend of asthma is increased year by year in the past 20 years. Western medicine treatment of asthma commonly used steroids and bronchodilator, which can improve asthma symptoms temporarily, but not very good at control the development of asthma disease.

Antidiabetes Project

If you are now suffering from diabetes (Type I & II) and want to try Chinese Medicine, you are welcome to enroll to the MedChine ASBL 2016 Antidiabetic Project before 31 December!

It will take 3 months and is limited to 8 people.

For more informations, please send an email.

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MedChine A.S.B.L Projects!

Cooperation with Beijing University of TCM

  • TCM Consultations/Prevention
  • Health Qi Gong for Beginners


  • Functional Food & Tea
  • Women’s Health
  • Stop Pain Project
  • Lose Weight Project
  • Skin care (acne, scar, redness…)
  • Nutrition for Cancer Patients

And more…

Natural Stop Pain Program

If you are suffering from pain

(no matter what’s kind of pain: migraine, neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, leg, finger and feet pain, tennis elbow, or fibromyalgia, belly pain .....)

And you don't want to take the chemical synthesis drugs (have a strong side effects), please contact us and welcome to join the NSPG - Natural Stop Pain Program.

Tel: 621 59 11 57

Welcome from the vice-president

It is with enormous pleasure that I accept to become a vice-president of MedChine, especially when this position was taken by a great man as Mr. Guy de Muyser who stepped down recently. We share with him the same positive feeling about the ancillary complement of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the western scientific methods. Since its creation in 2011, MedChine brought closer to me, my family, friends and connections the rich heritage of the TCM.

Weight Loss Project

TCM weight loss is 100% safe and effective. Has no side effects and a long lasting effect!

The four principles are: (1) suppress appetite, (2) increase metabolism, (3) reduce the absorption of oil by the gastrointestinal tract, and (4) remove excess water from the body. Weight loss methods include acupuncture, medication and thread embedding. Different acupuncture points and prescriptions are used for conditioning and treatment according to each person's different constitution.



Stop Pain Project

Why we have pain? 

When the skin and muscles are cold and tired, the blood and lymph circulation decreases, and the metabolites accumulate, so the muscles become tight and shortened, and the joints are squeezed and tightened. 

King's special TCM therapy, is 100% of natural, which relieves pain quickly, so that mobility is restored immediately.


Long Covid

These symptoms usually last for a long time:

Joint pain 
Brain Fog
Lack of appetite, …

Try TCM. TCM can help improve!

Face Rejuvenation Project

TCM Real Natural Beauty   

No injection! No surgery! No filling! 

Safe, healthy, natural and long effects!

While open the meridians, separating adhesions and removing nodules, makes skin regenerate firm and youthful.

3-5 sessions (60 minutes of each) make you look ten years younger is not a dream!


Modern pharmacology and clinical experiments show that the main active components in ginseng are: ginsenosides and ginseng polysaccharides. It has the functions of improving memory, anti-stress, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-virus, hypoglycemic, anti-oxidation and improving immunity; at the same time, it has anti-cancer activity, reversing cancer cells, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, reduce the toxicity of anticancer drugs, etc.

Skin Care Project

Rrapid regeneration of the skin through treatment


The famous pathologist, Nobel Prize in physiology or Medicine, Dr Metchnikoff ever said:

"The real cause of disease is not bacteria and viruses, but the accumulation of various toxins in the body. The toxins are reabsorbed by cells, causing self-poisoning, which leads to disease and aging!”

TCM cupping is the best detoxification method. It’s safe, fast, and has no side effects. It can quickly and naturally discharge inflammation, lactic acid, moisture, and cold through the skin. The skin has self-healing function and can be operated it repeatedly until symptoms improved.