Welcome from the vice-president

Anton Christov Vice President MedChine

It is with enormous pleasure that I accept to become a vice-president of MedChine, especially when this position was taken by a great man as Mr. Guy de Muyser who stepped down recently. We share with him the same positive feeling about the ancillary complement of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the western scientific methods. Since its creation in 2011, MedChine brought closer to me, my family, friends and connections the rich heritage of the TCM.

I was able to discover the TCM-Consulting, fire therapy, Tui Na therapy, Nutrition seminars, Soft Fasting, Three-Fu Paste Therapy (also called “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases”), Ba Duan Jin (Eight Pieces of Brocade), Qi Gong, Tai Chi and the Health Trip to China. Those are few examples of the help and encouragement that MedChine brings to Europeans like me to learn more about China and its TCM. I wish that in the coming years MedChine continues to promote successfully the extraordinary methods and means of the traditional Chinese health care.

Anton Christov