Three-Fu Paste Therapy start now!

San Fu Tie (Three-Fu Paste Therapy), also call: Natural Vaccine, is based on the principle of ‘winter disease, summer treatment’.

Appling traditional Chinese medicine to specific acupuncture points to treat diseases in autumn and winter, at the hottest time of the year.

This period is the most vigorous human yang, when applied with herbal paste, qi and blood are unobstructed, and the medicinal properties reach the internal organs easily.

This year, San Fu period is 16 July - 24 August, 2022.

Treatment: Once during these period, total need 3 times. Each time it will take 30 minutes and you will receive 5-8 herbal Pastes on the certain Acu-points, depend on individuel’s health.

The diagnosis and treatment is FREE, minimum donation of 25//time is cover the cost. If you would like to have this natural vaccine, please call 621 59 11 57 to make an appointment.

The Brief Introduction of The Three-Fu Paste Therapy, One of “Summer Treatments for Winter Diseases”

The “Summer treatment for winter diseases” means the treatment that doctor carry out in summer for diseases that relapse in winter, is a characteristic TCM prevention and treatment method for diseases, has a history of several thousand years in China. The theory is based on one of treatment principle in the Canon of Yellow Emperor, which calls the Yang Qi must be grow in spring and summer. In the use of high temperature in summer, energetic Yang Qi, meridian Qi and blood, people can take some herbs taken orally or externally to appropriately adjust the body balance of Yin and Yang, to restore some of the old trouble. We can say that “Winter disease cured in summer” reflects the overall harmony concept of human and natural in traditional Chinese medicine and the idea of and the concept of attention to disease prevention.

For those with respiratory system diseases, chronic diseases such as kidney lower back pain, knee arthritis, summer is the best treatment time. Because winter air temperature, air pressure is low, this kind of diseases is particularly easy to relapse. Mainly treats the winter treatment, cannot Fundamentally eliminate the pathogenic factors. In the summer, due to fewer factors which influence the climate of the disease, the symptoms are usually comparatively light, and have enough time to improve the body's immune ability, to achieve the purpose of healing.
Disease is rare attack in the summer, but its root may remain in the body for a long time. “Summer treatment” is to choose the hot summer season as the best time and adopt appropriate herbs to treat. Because Yang Qi in natural is exuberant, and Yang Qi in body is active, so using Yang medicine for patients who get weak Yang Qi can achieve a better effect of cultivation of Yang, remove the pathogenic factors of cold winter disease, and can store Yang Qi for autumn and winter time. “Summer treatment for winter diseases” belongs to the treatment principle that removing the root for chronic disease in Chinese medicine.
The Three-Fu Paste Therapy is the most famous one of the “Summer treatment for winter diseases”. (Fu means the hottest day in Chinese calendar) Known as the natural moxibustion, Three Fu Paste Therapy refers to in the hottest season of the year, using some hot medicine paste stimulate some specific acupoints, to remove symptoms of the disease in winter. Ancient and modern TCM doctor is pointed out that does have its curative effect.