Dandelion has always been known as a "natural antibiotic". In addition to preventing and treating common diseases such as upper respiratory tract infections, acute bronchitis and gastric ulcers, it also has more therapeutic functions.

Dandelion is especially good for following eight kinds of people: 

01 people with frequent acne 

In the medicine of Zhuang and Yi, there is a simple remedy for treating damp-heat acne (red and swollen pimples).

Use the whole dandelion, including the root, wash and mash it. Add water and cook it for 5 minutes. Using the water to wash acne, also can drink it as tea.

02 people with liver damage 

Dandelion can reduce the lysosome and mitochondrial damage of liver cells caused by endotoxin by relieving its toxic effect released after the action of antibiotics.

03 people with stomach ulcers 

Studies have shown that dandelion can assist in killing common pathogens such as Helicobacter Pylori and Staphylococcus Aureus, so it has an effect of protecting the stomach.

04 people with breast disease 

Taking fresh dandelions often in spring and summer has a good effect on relieving mammary gland hyperplasia. 

05 people with high blood pressure 

Dandelion contains 17 kinds of amino acids, and regular consumption can help lower blood pressure.

06 Cardiovascular disease population 

Dandelion is rich in beta-carotene, which can help remove waste from blood vessel walls and protect blood vessels.

07 people with eye discomfort 

Swollen and painful eyes, sore and dry eyes, crying eyes due cold wind, seeing bright things and feeling dazzled and uncomfortable, these are related to the performance of the liver causing virtual or real fire.

It is advisable to take 200g of fresh dandelion, including roots, or 100g of dried products to decoct two bowls of soup. Drink one bowl warm as tea and wash the eyes with the other one while hot. This can significantly improve the symptoms of discomfort.

08 people with stomach fire

When there is too much heat or damp stagnation in the stomach, it is easy to have bad breath, burning feeling or acid reflux. So take some fresh dandelion, which eliminates the stomach heat.

Herewith two tea recipes we hope you will like:

·       Dandelion Lemon Tea

Material: 3g dried dandelion, 1 slice of lemon, appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Preparation: Put dandelion and rock sugar into a pot, add boiling water and brew for 5 minutes, filter the tea, add lemon slice and drink.

This tea has the effect of clearing stomach heat, cooling blood and promoting body fluid. It is suitable for people with sore throat, stomach burns and toothache, heavy breath, thirst and dry throat. 

·       Dandelion Rose Tea

Material: 3g dried dandelion, 6 roses, 3g dried tangerine peel.

Preparaion: Put dandelion, roses, and dried tangerine peel together in a pot, add boiling water and brew for 5 minutes, filter the tea, and drink.

This tea has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing the stomach, soothing the liver and regulating qi. It is suitable for people having toothaches, caused by liver and stomach burns, and for women with irregular menstruation and premenstrual breast bloating.